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"Where learning meets play in an excellent way!"

About Us

With a rich history in the Houston-area, Excel prides itself on providing families with a safe-haven in which their children can flourish. We believe that learning comes from play and exploration. Our teachers create lessons in which new concepts can be absorbed in an imaginative, hands-on way.

To boost self-confidence and self-esteem, our students are encouraged to do as much for themselves as appropriate for their age and rate of development. These may include: dressing themselves, putting away blankets after nap, feeding themselves, watering plants and many more. 

Circle time is a staple in every classroom. This activity gives our children a chance to put their social skills to good use as they interact all together as a group. We use this time not only to discuss the calendar and real-life themes, but it is an opportunity for young minds to share independent thoughts with their peers.

Lunch is prepared with love and served "family style" which allows it to become an excellent time to learn as well. Teachers use this time to promote healthy eating habits, courtesy, and communication skills.

We believe that we, as caregivers and parents, have as much to learn from children as they have to learn from us. Everyday is a bright, new opportunity to grow and blossom.

Excel Academy has been privately owned and operated for 30 years. You can see our inspection record and other important documents at http://www.dpfs.com/.

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